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Wells House has a stunning Victorian terraced garden, designed by the renowned architect and landscaper Daniel Robertson (Responsible for the gardens at Powerscourt house & Johnston Castle among others) between 1830-1845, and recently lovingly restored to his plans, a must see for gardening enthusiasts.
Robertson introduced many formal landscape features at Wells most notable the Terrace Gardens, Radiating Parterre and Main Avenue. The gardens also boast many heritage trees, amongst them “Champion” Trees meaning that they are the tallest or oldest or largest of its kind in Ireland.

In addition to our garden we have two woodland walks waiting to be explored and offer a wide variety of mature trees to be appreciated. There is also a selection of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Keep an eye out for the original Wishing Well and many more surprises along the way.
One woodland walk has been named after Lady Frances who lived at Wells from 1870 with her husband Charles Mervyn. Like most Ladies of her time she was taught to paint. She became an accomplished painter and continued to paint in water colours all her life. Lady Frances was also a keen gardener and reportedly planted hundreds of varieties of daffodils throughout the estate. A selection of her paintings is on display at Wells House.
Our second walk is named after a former gardener on the Wells Estate Mogue, which provides a fun educational slant for children.
On each visit, there will be something new to discover, whether it’s the sounds of the birds and wildlife, the effect of the changing seasons or a new tree to climb. Be sure to come back and to see Lady Frances’ Daffodils, the bluebells, foxgloves, snowdrops and more.
Both Woodland Walks have been re-surfaced and are family friendly.

Please contact us for more details or to book your garden tour